Praise for Wendy's Book & Workshop

Check out what people from all over the nation are saying about Wendy-O Matik's book and workshop.

I was so deeply impressed by your book, Redefining Our Relationships, that I immediately ordered more copies to share with friends. At a time when my husband and I were in the process of redefining our relationship, your book encouraged us to both to refine and expand our ideas of what relationships can or should be, lending new depth and intensity to our marriage of 20+ years. Susan Boston, Massachusetts
Wendy's magnetic talk about radical love at my university was wonderful. The room was so crowded that folks had to sit on the floor! Wendy is one of those rare speakers that not only walks her talk, but also embodies her message with spontaneous grace, sophistication, and compassion. Highly recommended! Jorge California Institute of Integral Studies
Berkeley, California
Wendy-O is a force of nature, and a gift to our communities that are committed to transformation on all levels. Wendy-O is the embodiment of love-in-action. By example, she teaches us all how to love just a little more. Alli-Chagi-Starr Oakland, California
You are an amazing speaker and bring to light how truly important -love- is to the health and well-being of not only each individual person but to the entire human race and the planet we call home. You have the life experience and ability to articulate how important it is for each of us to deconstruct the established relationship paradigms that we have all grown-up with and have blindly accepted. Your humor and candor make your workshops a joy to experience and the stories shared by people attending are always wonderful and many times quite moving. While your workshops are not about the nuts-and-bolts of how to make polyamory relationships work, they do have much to say about how to make any relationship work and how important it is to -love many- in as many ways as possible to promote the healing of our own hearts and hearts of others and ultimately to change the world into a loving paradise for all. David Petaluma, California
I bought your book and loved reading it. That copy of book is in its 3rd pair of hands already. Congratulations and thanks. You've done some very valuable work there. Most significant to me is the really different perspectives you have on a philosophy basically very similar to mine. One point in your book I do appreciate is the presentation of differing views about information flows in open relationships. I soon realized that radically loving can have infinite permutations. Andrew Bunney Adelaide, Australia
Wow! Thanks for speaking yesterday; I'm so glad I went. Relationships are remarkable, aren't they? Your words (and your work) really spoke to me--you're definitely a shaker! I'm going through one of those rough patches and the decisions that I'm making are just not working. Anyway, I'm looking forward to going to one of your workshops soon. You'll have to sign my book! Jeannie Lee Berkeley, California
I just finished reading the book after another sexuality educator recommended it to me. It's a fabulous, concise little book that addresses pretty much every topic that repeatedly comes up in discussions about non-monogamy: kids, non-sexual lovers, jealousy, mapping your own relationships rather than adopting cultural models, etc. In just a few words she shares some wonderful insights and makes excellent suggestions. This has now become my first-line recommended reading for people just starting to explore non-monogamy, though even those who have lived in open relationships for a good while will also find something for themselves. Great stuff. Amy Stapleford Chapel Hill, North Carolina
I checked out your book Redefining Our Relationships from the public library. I want to thank you for writing this book because it has many of the same ideas that I have been bouncing around in my head the last few years, and you put them so clearly. I also find it very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with this powerful subject. Maxwell Portland, Oregon
I had to write you, Wendy, because your book felt like it was coming from my own heart. After learning that my wife of 20 years had been non-monogamous for most of the time we have been together, I made the decision to enter the swinging world along with her. That was 5 months ago, and I have learned a lot about myself and my wife. In spite of coming into the lifestyle thinking it would be a blast, I have found recreational sex to be mostly artificial and unfulfilling. Having sex with someone when you don't even know their name just leaves me cold and kind of sad. After reading your book, I know it is because I need to care about the people I am being intimate with, and even though my spouse doesn't seem to have those same needs, that's ok. It's obvious that I will probably never find what I need in the swinging lifestyle so I have chosen to back away from it. I am taking a new approach and am now just looking for opportunities to make friends and let things evolve in a natural way. It's going to be difficult to handle the feelings that come from knowing that my primary partner is swinging without me but I feel much better about my situation knowing she wants to follow the guidelines set forth in your book (except for the wait on sex part- that ain't happening.) I have already met a beautiful person outside of the lifestyle who wants to be friends and I am pursuing that relationship with complete honesty to both her and my primary partner. While my wife has her own feelings of fear and jealousy about this, she is trying to be supportive and understanding. We know this is going to be hard, complicated, and probably messy sometimes but I feel better than I have in a very long time. I read most of your book aloud to my partner and we have had several discussions about your guidelines. I will keep your book close for continued guidance and support and will recommend it to anyone thinking about a non-monogamous lifestyle. It is so clear that you wrote this book from your heart and it really touched us both. Thanks Wendy, you can't fully realize how much you helped me to clarify and accept my own feelings. I know that I don't know you, but I love you! Mike Fort Lauderdale, Florida