Order Wendy's polyamory book, Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships, a feminist critique of love and relationships outside the status quo.

Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines For Responsible Open Relationships

Wendy-O Matik
ISBN: 1-58790-015-7
97 pages
$14.00 USD
Defiant Times Press (7th printing)

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2747 Regent Street
Berkeley, CA 94705
Oakland, CA 94608
ph: 510-845-1196

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Five Good Minutes (Mindfulness Meditation Series)

Jeffrey Brantley, MD
Wendy Millstine, NC
ISBN: 1-57224-414-3
235 pages
$14.95 USD
New Harbinger Publications (2005)


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Love Like Rage

Wendy-O Matik
ISBN: 0-916397-31-9
85 pages
$7 USD
Manic D Press (1994) - Out of Print

Manic D Press